Part 1

On September 26, 2009, our 5th date, we went on a hike up Spanish Fork Canyon to see the autumn colors. Neither of us had been there before, so we leveraged a bit of teamwork to get us to the Three Forks trailhead near the Diamond Campground. The plan was to get to a waterfall and hot springs. We started on our way, continuing a pleasant conversation that had started since we started driving away from Su's apartment.  After an hour of not finding any waterfalls, we realized that we were the only hikers on that trail except for two dirt bikers (and to Jay's utmost stupefaction, a dark, ghostly herd of free-grazing cattle). We asked the bikers about a waterfall, but only found that we were on the wrong trail the whole time!  We turned around and drove back to end the date.

Part 2

September 18, 2010, we had a plan to hike up Three Forks again, this time to choose the correct trail.  We packed a scrumpulicious picnic. Though Su didn't know, Jay had also packed a scrumpulicious bling-bling in his front pocket! We hiked up to the second waterfall (away from the crowd) and set up our picnic.  We stuffed our faces with tuna sandwiches and broccoli salad, but not without putting up a fight with hornets.  Jay wanted the hornets to go away because they were messing up the flow of the conversation toward marriage!  Eventually, after the food was all gone, and the hornets had left, Jay proposed, da-d'da-DUN!! Then he proposed again, because the first time  he tried, no sound came out of his mouth!  Su said in the sweetest way possible that she would not want to spend eternity with anyone else.  Jay felt incredibly touched, happy, and grateful all at the same time.