Jay is the hottest man on earth!




Now that you know the most important thing about Jay (see THE SHORT VERSION)…here’s some of the more boring stuff about him.



Strong, fit, Asian.

Jay is also known to be a 28 year old man in a 16 year old body, with a deep, mature voice.


Relaxed, intelligent, spiritual



Favorite Word:




Unique Trait:

Jay has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He loves to read, and frequents the county libraries to check out books.

Special Skill:

Jay is also a very resourceful man. After getting all the necessary gadgets and tools, and picking up and learning a bazillion new skills here and there, our engagement photos, wedding announcement, and website were all designed and created by him, yours truly.

(yes, he was our photographer, web engineer and designer, etc.)

Interesting Fact:

Jay has 7 computers - 2 desktops, 4 laptops, and a mini Notebook.

It is no wonder he accidentally printed 3 different versions of the same wedding announcement photo ‐ After making several modifications to the photo on Lightroom and on several different computers, he couldn’t remember which copy was which and in which computer he had saved the original photo!


His current ultimate dream is to learn how to master typing Steno. He has a typing speed goal of 180wpm. But 240wpm would be the ultimate dream.

Favorite past-time:

Geeking out.

Super Power:

Jay can crank out the most amazing sound effects.

Every normal day-to-day action has a sound effect.

For tripping/stumbling while walking: “oof”

For moving an object (or person) from one location to another: “whooshhh”

For clicking buttons or hitting the Enter key on the computer: “dinggggg..”

For embarrassing moments: “wuah wuah”

Just spend a day with him, and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

More Than What You Wanted to Know:

Sleep is a burden to Jay.

He resists sleep; he would rather work, work on anything, than sleep.

If possible, he would recreate the human body to one that needs no sleep, or one that merely runs on battery life that is rechargeable.

But alas, he is still human, and after resisting an entire night’s worth of sleep, he is known to crash and burn during the day and gives in to little naps that frequent throughout the day.)

My Favorite Thing About Jay:

I’ve never known anyone else who is so sensitive to my needs, and is able to provide accordingly.

Who could ask for anything more?