Part 1: December 2007

Su (then serving as Sister Chong as a full-time LDS missionary, who was 11 months into her 18-month mission) was on duty at the front door of the Oakland Temple Visitor's Center. A yellow taxi cab pulled in front of the main entrance. Because sightings of cabs were rare at the Visitor's Center, it got her and her companion's attention. They immediately recognized the first passenger that stepped out as Sister Kyleen Liu, a former fellow missionary at the Visitor's Center, who had returned to Oakland to visit. They went out of the Visitor's Center to greet her with a hug. Meanwhile, out of the other side of the cab came out a really cute guy that Su and her companion thought was Kyleen's "new companion" whom she had brought back to introduce to them. Much to their disappointment (but also delight), Kyleen introduced that man as her brother, Jay.

Part 2: August 2009

It had been about a year since the last time Jay volunteered at the Missionary Training Center. Now he had finally showed up. . ., and late, in fact. He knew that the Su Chong he had heard so much about from his parents for the past few months would be at work there that day. Just a couple days prior, he had set up a blind date with Su.  Obviously, his curiousity left him unable to resist and wait until the blind date, to meet her.

But he didn't expect her to be standing at the front desk right after he came in the door! She greeted him by name to his surprise. Oh, so this was Su! Small talk followed, but not after Jay had to recover from amazement.

That funny encounter concluded the mystery that had been building up ever since Jay heard about this (eligible) girl who was a missionary friend of his sister and the cousin of his missionary friend (Leroy Thong). Even his parents knew her. This was a time when Jay and his parents were very close. He would go home often, and his parents would hear about all the dates he went on. After mentioning a date with a particular young woman (NOT Su), his parents supportively listened and nodded in affirmation, but immediately following, turned the conversation to suggest, "Have you thought of asking out Sister Chong?"

They had gotten to know her (and were impressed with her, not surprisingly) while she was training as a missionary, at the Missionary Training Center, located in Provo, UT, before she had arrived in Oakland. This would not be the first time that they suggested to Jay to ask her out, but it was the time where Jay finally took some action in getting to know her, getting his butt in gear.

So, to that popular and trusty social networking site he went. After adding her as a contact, and seeing her online, he started a chat with her, to get her phone number, and to initiate some real human interaction. He called her up, and they had a great conversation. Jay scheduled a first date, for August 29, 2009.

Part 3: First Date, August 29, 2009

Had hamburgers at Fuddrucker's, laughed a lot. Su  found out Jay was a model. Jay stalled his car because he could not drive his manual transmission because he was nervous. Then again, this was a time Jay felt like it was a date where he could be his funny self without being worried about what the girl thought of him.

After dinner, Jay drove around somewhat aimlessly. He was looking for a place to "walk off" the heavy meal. Su suggested that she could make ice-blended Milo. They arrived at her apartment, only to find that she did not have a blender or ice! Jay thought of his well-supplied home in Orem, and suggested that they go there.

Understandably, Jay's parents were very excited to see Su at their house. They offered her desserts, fruit, and the best of the food the house had to offer at that time. They ended the night with ice-blended Milo, games, and more conversation and laughter. A wonderful first date for both of them.