People who know about Su know already that she is very talented, spiritual, warm, beautiful, and genuine.  Getting to know her has been a wonderful experience for me, and I feel so lucky to have met her.  Here are only some of the first "impressions" that I had of her since we have started dating.

What first impressed me about Su was her light-heartedness, her ability to have "joy in the journey", and her generosity in spending time with me.  On one of our earlier dates (one of my favorites), we went hiking in Spanish Fork Canyon to see a waterfall midst the vibrant autumn colors.  (This happened to be the place we were engaged. Starting on the trail was also the start of a good conversation and good laughs.  (During this and subsequent interactions, I found out how engaging our conversations were. At times, they were hilariously light and funny, and at others deeply spiritual. We could talk about our childhoods, dreams, and just about anything.) After a good while of hiking, I realized that there weren't very many people along the trail.  Finally, we met some bikers who informed me that we were heading the wrong direction, to my chagrin.  It felt incredibly awkward to turn around mid-trail.  I felt like I wasted her time, and apologized.  She didn't seem bothered at all, to my amazement.

By Jay